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Yumenikki.net Celebrates Yume Nikki’s 10th Anniversary With All Sorts of Cool New Products!


All information comes from this page. It is divided into 3 sections. The first section goes over stores in Japan and what they’ll sell. To must of us, this’ll have no relevance, but I’ll translate it anyways after posting this, just in case.

The second section covers new products that will be released this year.

First up, we have a Yume Nikki…… yume nikki! Yeah, a dream diary based off of the game Dream Diary!

『ゆめにっき』 日記帳 【 A / B 】 全2種

This isn’t a front/back image; these are actually two different types you can choose from: A and B.

They will be released some time in September of 2014 and will cost 650 yen each.

Next up, we have the lovely Yume Nikki Soundtrack CD, “Yume No Oto” (lit. “The Sound of Dreams*”)

ゆめにっき サウンドトラック~ゆめのおと~ 完全版 CD

Allegedly, this will be the “full” soundtrack, presumably meaning it’ll have all volumes on it. It will be released on August 29th of 2014 and cost 3,000 yen.

We also have a Yume Nikki badge collection:

ゆめにっき 缶バッジコレクション パート2

It’ll cost 200 yen and will be released on… oh! It’s on sale now! It’s worth noting that the packaging specifies this is “part 2”, indicating that there is another YN badge collection.

Finally, we have (what I presume is) a print version of the Yume Nikki manga! You know, the one that some people love and others hate:

竹書房 漫画版 『ゆめにっき』 / 富沢ひとし

It’s on sale now for 650 yen.

Now, finally, the last section… contains info about something known as a “bonus card” (with “card” being written in Hiragana… not sure why, but okay.)


Uhh… little fuzzy on the Japanese here. Something about store benefits? Perhaps in-store benefits? It looks cool, but it isn’t for sale, as far as I can tell. There’s also apparently only a limited number, so whoever gets their hands on these’ll be real lucky.

That’s about it! There’s obviously a lot of mixed feelings regarding Project Yume Nikki, but even still, there’s at least an official OST that’s being released, so that’s always cool. And for those of you who don’t know, the soundtrack also features remixes by some Japanese band known as INFINITY∞, so that’s a neat little bonus.

Speaking of the OST… There’s a video that has some short previews of music present on volume 1 of the OST, as well as some new tracks that’ll be present on the disk! The “disk” tracks include:


Memories of Space

I Thought You Were Friendly (Or something like that)

Yume Mata Yume (Dreams Also Dreams? I know I’m missing something here…)

Elegy ~Good Night~

You can view the video on YouTube here.

*This is not an official localization of the Yume No Oto title, it’s just what I personally translated it as.


This season has awesome color styling, and its thanks to our amazing Color Stylist Daniaelle Simonsen!

Cleanup by Erik Elizarrez, character design by Ali Danesh & Robertryan Cory. Prop design by Sarah Craig


nobody fucks with us


nobody fucks with us


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So heres a png image for a Miku T-shirt Design contest i submit to welovefine. This is just a png file, the layout is on the website.
My Design is HERE for rating.(go vote pretty pllzzzz)